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Sales CRM software is an immensely important tool or software for businesses and sales teams of all sizes. As more organizations are shifting to remote work or the Work from anywhere model, Sales CRM software can be a centralized, organized tool that enables consistent unified communication both with customers and within the organization from any location.

World Phone is recognized as one of the 10 fastest Internet Service Providers (By Insight Success magazine) and amongst the best sales CRM providers in India. We have recently launched another world-class product – World Phone Business: an end-to-end business management solution.

Why you need World Phone Sales CRM Software?

Designed with the flexibility to address your sales needs, World Phone Sales is important sales CRM software to boost your sales and business growth. It includes World Phone CRM features and comes with the cloud telephony integration (optional) to make the sales process smooth and fast.

In this blog post, we will talk about the key benefits of World Phone Sales CRM software and how our Sales CRM software can help you achieve your sales goals faster.

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

With World Phone Sales CRM Software, you can easily view your Sales Pipeline, target resource allocation, and analyze sales growth. Managing your leads, reporting on your pipeline, and managing campaigns could be done easily from a central dashboard. 

Lead Management

Capture leads from multiple sources and manages them according to your preference. World Phone Sales CRM Software can enhance the sales process by solving key problems i.e. accurate forecasting, target resource allocation, and sales analysis.

Centralized Data and Documents Management

Having a centralized data & document library keeps documents and data organized for quick reference and sharing. If an organization has multiple offices in different countries or has remote teams, World Phone Sales CRM software avoids various versions of the same document from being posted and allows files to be shared easily with the remote teams/offices and customers.

Estimate /Quote Management

World Phone Sales CRM Software helps you create and send estimates/Quotes in seconds as soon as the deal is closed, on the spot/ from any location.

Workflow & Processes Management

World Phone Sales CRM Software provides a holistic view of workflow and process. With our sales CRM software, you can keep track of all scheduled tasks, meetings, calls, etc. To provide the best customer service, you can also utilize software and Cloud Telephony integration to make calls with a single click.


Benefits of World Phone Sales CRM Software 

Work from Anywhere Solutions

World Phone Sales CRM Software is built with a Mobile-first-vision, to work on any device from smartphone to desktop and from any location. It provides an office-like experience and empowers sales teams to access customer data & accounts on any device (mobile/tablet or laptop/desktop) on the go.


Smooth Communication and Flexibility

World Phone Sales CRM Software comes with SaaS / Cloud, for the ultimate flexibility and Cloud Telephony integration to provide smooth and cost-effective unified communication. Whether you are communicating internally with your team or with your customers, our Sales CRM software empowers you and your colleagues to work smarter.


Streamline sales cycle

World Phone Sales CRM Software helps streamline the sales cycle and automates order processing/ estimates/quotes preparation. With our solution, you can close deals and achieve your sales targets faster.

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