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World Phone Internet Services Pvt. Ltd is one of the best, licensed and completely regulatory compliant Cloud Telephony Service providers in Gurgaon. We provide a wide range of Cloud Telephony solutions in Delhi and NCR that can benefit you with the growing demands and needs of your business’s communication. We provide services such as cloud telephony Solutions in Gurgaon, unified communication, cloud communication services in India, cloud PBX solution providers in Gurgaon, cloud PBX phone system for small as well large businesses, cloud-based hosted PBX systems in India, virtual numbers for businesses, and Individuals. At World Phone, we provide high-quality and promising cloud telephony services in India. Our Cloud telephony solutions enable users to make calls directly from any computer or mobile or tablet device with an internet connection, from any location.

  1. Call reporting and analytics

    Call reporting and analytics capabilities are the keys, if you manage a busy sales team, or run a large-scale business. It gives you real-time call data about your business phone system usage and activities and allows you to measure, collect, analyze, and report on phone call data, such as:

    • Time spent on phone calls
    • Number of toll-free calls, answered, and missed calls.
    • The most popular time of day for phone calls
    • Which team member answers the most calls.
  2. Interactive voice response system (IVRS)

    Have you ever heard a call menu that sounds something like, “Press 5 to the sales department,”? If Yes, then you’ve interacted with an IVR system menu. World Phone Cloud Telephony Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a more conversational approach to automated customer service. It is a great option to stay on-brand with your business communications policy. It functions similarly to an auto-attendant and lets you provide self-service options for callers. The following are the crucial IVR features:

    • Welcome Message
    • Single and Multi-level IVR
    • Unlimited Departments
    • Intelligent routing system based on skill, language, and time
    • Queue management – MOH and Queue counter messages
  3. Call Recording

    Call recording is crucial to offer quality customer interactions and grow your customer base. The call recording feature acts as the most efficient note-taking method you can utilize. It allows managers to review their teams’ interactions with customers. Call recordings are a great resource for team training. Managers can use the conversation for training purposes and replay the recording to review.

  4. Call Forwarding

    The call forwarding feature diverts calls from your in-office desk phone to the assigned mobile phone number. The best thing is that the caller on the other end of the line wouldn’t notice any difference, which makes this a great feature for remote employees or remote teams. Call forwarding helps you handle your customer queries on the go, from any location.

  5. Mobile app

    World Phone Cloud PBX mobile app with a coherent user interface can be a game-changer for your business productivity and communication. With the rise of remote work, it is important for remote teams and employees to take conversations anywhere and still are in the loop. Our Cloud PBX App is easy to use and acts as “PBX in your pocket”.

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