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World Phone Work from home Solutions or Work from Anywhere Solutions is designed with the flexibility to address your unique business needs.

World Phone remote working solution or Work from Anywhere Solution is integrated business management Work from Anywhere CRM software that performs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions, Sales Management Functions, Inventory Management Functions, and Billing and invoicing management Functions.

World Phone offers the best remote working solutions and Best Work from Home Solutions for your businesses. With our remote working technology-enabled business management solutions and Work from Anywhere CRM, you can manage your business operations from any location. Our Work from Anywhere CRM is highly customizable; Cloud PBX and QuickBooks integrated and act as complete Work from Anywhere solution and business management software.

Select the solution that is best for your company.

This is a scalable solution, so you can always step-up

World Phone

Cloud Telephony Integration *

  • Contact & Relations Management
  • Activity & Assignment Management
  • Workgroup Calendar
  • Dashboard and KPIs
  • Sound-Like name Search
  • Day Planning (Kanban Board)

World Phone

Includes CRM +

Cloud Telephony Integration *

  • Opportunity and Pipeline Management
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Document Management
  • Estimate/Quote Management
  • Workflow & Processes Management

World Phone

Includes CRM & Sales +

Cloud Telephony Integration *

  • End-to-End BusinessManagement
  • Project Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Invoice & Billing Management
  • Payment Management
  • Inventory Management
* Optional

We are here to offer business management solutions to help businesses and companies support, improve and automate their business processes from any location.

Best Invoicing & Billing Software Providers in India

World Phone is one of the Best Billing Software Providers in India. Bring business to the next level, close deals faster, and keep track of invoices and payments with World Phone Business Management CRM Solutions. With Invoicing and payment feature you can track expenses, convert them into invoices and collect payment online from your customers. World Phone Business is an end-to-end business management solution that streamlines your business finances also using the built-in best invoice accounting software.

Best Work from Home Solutions in India

World Phone offers Work from Home Solutions in India helps businesses and companies support, improve, and automate their business processes from any location. Our work from home solution is an integrated business management solution that ensures that your teams can work seamlessly by staying connected, productive, and focused and gives you the freedom to manage business operations i.e. sales management, Lead Generation, Customer Relationship Management from any location.

Best Sales CRM Provider in India

World Phone  is the best Sales CRM Provider in India. As a sales CRM software provider in India, we understand Indian businesses and your sales needs better hence we are offering CRM software that gives you a 360- degree view of the sales cycle. With World Phone Sales you can analyze and optimize sales activities, track leads and funnel and close the leads faster without leads leakage. Our Sales CRM software  is packed with amazing features i.e. Document Management, Estimate/Quote Management, and Workflow/Processes Management to make the sales process faster.

So, if you are looking for Billing Software, Invoicing Software, Project Management Software, and Sales CRM or Remote Working Solutions/ Work from Anywhere Solutions Provider…

Your search ends here!

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