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If your business communication currently relies on a traditional telephony solution for attending business calls, sooner or later you will be in a fix. Traditional telephony solutions require a lot of infrastructure to set up and a big chunk of the budget. In the case of remote working, you cannot set up a traditional system for each of the remote workers. World Phone cloud telephony solution lets your team operate seamlessly and be connected with the customers and team members without any issues, from any location.

World Phone is amongst the most trusted Cloud telephony providers in Delhi-NCR, Cloud telephony solutions providers in NOIDA and Gurugram.

Calls management

With World Phone Cloud Telephony Solution you can attend the business calls or address customer queries from any location and from any device. You can easily set up a communication channel with zero to nil CAPEX, without any hassle.

Call Analytics

 Another benefit of deploying World Phone cloud telephony solution for remote teams is that you can keep an eye on the performance of your teams. With real-time data and a dashboard, you can analyze the call traffic such as the number of calls received, call time and missed calls, etc.


 World Phone cloud telephony solution is scalable to the core. With cloud telephony solutions it’s easy to add as many agents as your business requires. In case of sudden growth in the business, you can set up multiple remote locations and add remote workers with a World Phone cloud-based phone system as it can scale 5 to 50,000 users in 24 hours.  


Break down the location barriers by shifting your on-premise business phone system into the World Phone cloud telephony system. With World Phone cloud telephony in place, in-house employees and remote employees share the same features of a business telephony solution, irrespective of their physical locations. They can attend calls or communicate with the team and customers from any device.


World Phone cloud telephony system is more secure than a traditional phone system. As a cloud telephony solutions provider in Delhi-NCR, World Phone is committed to offering a secure service to its customer. With our cloud telephony solution, your remote communication channel is 100% secure as it enables numerous platforms of communication in one central location.

Cost Savings

World Phone cloud telephony system enables significant cost savings for your business. Our solutions are reliable and do not clutter the office space.  In the case of the remote working model, World Phone cloud telephony solutions serve as a rescue strategy. With our cloud telephony solutions, a business can save 50% or more on telephony expenses. World Phone cloud telephony solutions offer a full suite of Fortune 500 style features, such as IVR, auto-attendant, hunt groups, call recording, call tracking, conferencing, mobile app, and much more.

World Phone Cloud Telephony solution is what you need to establish a secure communication channel between your remote teams and employees. We are amongst the best cloud telephony service providers in Delhi, NOIDA and Gurugram.  Our reliable, and enterprise grade cloud telephony solutions are ideal for Start-ups, SMEs, and Enterprises.

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